Player customization

It is possible to customize the player within the platform.

Easily select the way the video is presented:

  1. by inserting a logo in the desired position: at the top left corner, top right corner, bottom left corner or bottom right corner and choosing the size of the logo best suited to  your needs.
  2. by customizing the play button
  3. by customizing the player’s CSS code
  4. by managing pre-roll advertising to show before each video, in IAB formats (VAST and VPAID)
  5. by sharing all content on any social network thanks to the sharing buttons on the player
  6. by using pre-roll advertising made available by ChickyBox.
  7. In questo modo il vostro contenuto video si presenterà secondo il vostro stile, come un abito su misura.

In this way your content will be tailored to your personal style.