Video widget per embedding

Thanks to the widgets available on the platform, all content can be uploaded onto the website via a specific embedding code

There are 4 types of widgets available for users:

  1. Embedding via Billboard: 970X250 format, also called “billboard”. If there are less than 10 videos in the url used, the billboard will be shown as an endless loop carousel. Otherwise, with 10 or more videos, it will be shown as a dynamic grid. This format provides good revenues if it is in a high visibility position, for example over the main content on the page.
  2. Embedding through dynamic single video: Variable size formats which allow embedding of a single video uploaded from the url used. The video will be automatically chosen on the basis of defined criteria as follows. For example:
    • The most recent video of a specific channel (If the editor changes the video using a different code, the video changes automatically on the website where it is embedded).
    • The most viewed video of an editor.
  3. Embedding via VIP: Closable 640 x 360 format (both height and depth can be customizable to a minimum of 440 x 250), also called “VIP”, and may be adapted to any type of device. It can be embedded at the top or bottom of the website. This format can support classic embedding or a dynamic single video described above, with pre-roll advertising beforehand.
  4. Embedding inside an article: The editor can embed his video inside an article on his website, customizing the size of the player and choosing the “responsive” option to make the video available on all devices.